Whether its Family or Fishing, Byron Blue has a comprehensive range of professionally designed and rigged ocean kayaks.

Ocean Kayaking is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and is something the whole family can do.  If you have paddled from the The Pass around to Cape Byron then you will know how great the ocean is - and there could not be a better way to experience it than on a Byron Blue kayak. 

Our approach to designing kayaks is simple - start with a functional and smooth paddling hull, put in as many practical features as you can and finish it off with high visbility colours that look great out on the water. The best thing is, all our kayaks are sold as complete packages and will include items such as paddles, rod holders, seats and more to suit - so you can get on the water faster and focus on having fun!

    SV Raptor  - 3.6M Pro Angler Kayak

    RRP$1300 More info >The SV Raptor is a high performance Fishing Kayak.   With a drop down rudder system, center bait & tackle console, oversize storage hatch and a sleek wave slicing body,  these are an ideal long range angler. Learn More>>


    VX Tiger - FreeStyle Fishing Kayak

    RRP$1100 More info >The VX Tiger is a FreeStyle Fishing Kayak.  With a lively 3M Hull,  it lives up to its name - designed for quick & easy paddling and chasing down a catch. These kayaks come jam packed with features including 5 rod holders, deluxe seat, 2 storage hatches and much more. Suitable for all levels, these are a kayak not to be missed. Learn More>>


    Family, Recreational and Touring Kayaks

    RRP $699 More info >There is over 30 models in the Byron Blue Kayak range and something for everyone.  From open body 2.6M junior kayaks to 5.1M dual endurance kayaks,  each model is carefully thought out and packed with practical features, innovative design & styling just perfect for your needs. Learn More>>