When the Surfs flat, we love to Skate!

Byron Blue makes the ultimate groove skateboards,  longboards, downhills and cruisers.

With sizes ranging from 28" though to 46"  we offer a full range of classic & hi performance skateboards.

    Beautiful Riding Cruisers & Longboards

    From $119Most of our skateboards are made from Canadian Rock Maple which is cured to perfection, shaped and finished off with some of our own street series duro wheels.

  • Eco Friendly Bamboo Skateboards

    RRP $249 Bamboo is one of the most eco friendly materials on the planet.  Put it on a skateboard with some clear grit and you get a beautiful looking skateboard which is ultra tough and has a great natural riding flex.


    The Wreck - our Signature Board

    RRP $199The Wreck has been serving up perfect barrels to Byron Bay since 1922.  We have created a signature longboard which captures the moment with a wide riding 36" deck, fat 70mm wheels and a classic swallow tail.  Its a board you will be absolutely stoked with. 


    Byron Blue - Street Series Skateboard Wheels

    RRP $59Byron Blue Street Series Skateboard wheels are made from a high rebound urethane which provides an ultra smooth ride.  Fast and predictable they make a great skateboard even better!


    Projekt- Extreme Downhill Skateboards

    RRP $299Building on the success of the Byron Blue range,  we created Projekt - a futuristic downhill skate brand with high performance free ride decks and cutting edge fiber flex laminate decks.  Extreme thrills guaranteed.