Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up Paddle Boarding is a sport for everyone.   All our SUPs carefully designed to provide users, with easy to paddle, easy to ride boards

which perform in any conditions.  Byron Blue Hi Performance Shapes are packaged in a stunning, hi polish, eco friendly bamboo veneer decking which

adds natural resilience, looks and performance.


Whether is a sunset glide, core fitness paddle, or big wave ride, Join the fastest growing water sport in the world!  

    Byron Blue - 10'6" Hi Performance Series

    RRP$1600Stunning to look at and Beautiful to ride, these hi performance 10'6 SUPs are designed for both flat water cruising and ocean wave riding.  A premier, stable wide body design which you will simply love to ride. Available with Red or White Rails. Learn More>>


    Byron Blue - 10' Classic Woodgrain Series

    RRP$1600The Classic Woodgrain Series comes complete with wood grain styling, a high polish finish and bold motifs. These hi performance 10' SUPs are the perfect on water companion that will have all of your friends jealous.  An easy riding board with looks to match. Available with White or Pink Rails. Learn More>>

  • Byron Blue - 8'10" Wave Rider Series

    RRP$1500This Wave Rider Stand Up Paddle Board - AKA the Surf SUP,  is a sweet and fast design which allows you to paddle into waves before anyone else and get right into the pocket for some serious carves and turns.  Closing the gap between surfing and paddle boarding, these hi performance, state-of-the-art fusion designs are a board all your friends will want to borrow. Available with Red or White Rails....Learn More>>


    Byron Blue - 10'6" Hibiscus Series

    RRP$1600The Byron Blue Hibiscus Series is a re-release of the the ever popular high performance all rounder SUPs.  Built on the Byron Blue design philsophy of stable, easy riding shapes, these boards are to be loved by all levels of riders. Choose from a polished bamboo veneer or a clear fiberglass finish.  Learn More>>


    Byron Blue - 10' Candy Pop Series

    RRP$1500We created this set of vibrant all rounder boards which stand out from the crowd with an ultra cool two tone nose and tail dip which let you express yourself with colour.  They are the boards for all round fun and riding performance... Available in Blue, Green, Orange or Purple two tones. Learn More>>>


    Cloudbreak 10" All Rounder Series

    RRP $1600Paddle Boards dont need to be boring!   Our riders and designers took the performance shape from Byron Blue and created Cloudbreak - a range of SUPs with a slightly shorter length, but with the stability of a wider body and added some beautiful resin tint colours, to create an all round stylish SUP which is great to ride. Learn More>>